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Doras Luimní have been supporting women and men affected by human trafficking since 2011. Service users/clients include women trafficked for sexual exploitation; women currently involved in or exiting from prostitution; male and female clients trafficked for forced labour and labour exploitation; women trafficked for forced marriage. For more information on Our Services – Direct support services for Victims of Trafficking


In 2015, Doras Luimní produced a research report, No Chances, No Choices, which outlines the human trafficking and prostitution cases presenting to Doras Luimní over an 18 month period. It provides evidence of the complexity of human trafficking, the difficulties facing migrants who navigate the Irish immigration system, the barriers when accessing statutory services, and the overlap between human trafficking and migrant prostitution.

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Doras Luimní advocate for the following: 

  • new legislation should be introduced which targets demand by criminalising the purchase of sexual services;
  • increased penalties and custodial sentences for those found to have profited from the organisation and control of prostitution;
  • abolition of the defence of ‘strict liability’ in relation to child prostitution and victims of trafficking;
  • effective exit programmes to facilitate women leaving prostitution;
  • purpose-built, gender-specific, safe accommodation for survivors of trafficking;
  • an immediate overhaul of existing immigration legislation, including the establishment of a unified asylum and protection procedure in which human rights are prioritised.

Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU), Department of Justice

Doras Luimní feeds into the National Referral Mechanism framework on human trafficking. Staff attend the working group meetings at the Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) in the Department of Justice and Equality as members of the 1) Sexual Exploitation and National Referral Mechanism Working Group, and 2) the Awareness Raising and Training Working Group.

Turn Off the Red Light (TORL)

Doras is a core member of the national Turn Off the Red Light (TORL) campaign. TORL aims to tackle the demand for prostitution and thereby reduce sex trafficking into Ireland. We advocate for the introduction of legislation criminalising the purchase of sex. This approach has been in place in Sweden and Norway for over a decade and has been successful in challenging the organised criminal activity behind the sex trade.

Government submissions

Doras Luimní made a detailed submission to the Oireachtas Committee providing a regional perspective from the Mid-West and explaining our argument in favour of legislative change to combat exploitation in the Irish sex industry. Download here

For more information about our anti-trafficking work contact us at  or call 061 310 328.


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