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Migrant trade union cover

Doras Luimní Directory of Services (Limerick)
April 2017




Migrant Workers & Trade Union Membership: Survey Findings
June 2016

 DL NAP Submission to Anti-Trafficking Unit on the Second National Action Plan to Prevent and Combat Human Trafficking in Ireland
July 2015
anti rumours training packAnti-Rumours Training Resource Pack
July 2015
Directory of Services_SML Doras Luimní_Directory of Services
May 2015
Submission to EC Submission to European Commission by Doras Luimní; Immigrant Council of Ireland; Ruhama
March 2015
No Choices No Chances No Chances No Choices. Human Trafficking and Prostitution in Limerick: Key Issues and Challenges
February 2015
PON2 cover SML website

Needs assessment cover

Person or Number? 2 A second examination of issues faced by immigrants in accessing social protection in Ireland
January 2015 

A Needs Assessment of Migrants in Limerick City

June 2014

Integration Plan 2013 - 2016 cover SML Integration Plan 2013 – 2016
December 2013
treateddifferentlycover Treated Differently? Evidence of racism and discrimination from a local perspective

October 2013
prossub Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Equality and Defence on Integration, Multiculturalism and Combating Racism
October 2013
IWG Progrss Report 2011 Integrating Limerick 2012 Progress Report

March 2013
entrep An Examination of Ethnic Entrepreneurship in the Mid-West Region of IrelandDecember 2012
healthmap Migrant Women’s Awareness, Experiences and Perceptions of Health Services in LimerickDecember 2012
briefcover Submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Equality and Defence on the Future Direction of Prostitution Legislation in IrelandAugust 2012
IWG Progrss Report 2011 Integrating Limerick 2011 Progress ReportMarch 2012
person Person or Number? Issues faced by Immigrants Accessing Social Protection: A ‘snapshot’ of 54 cases presenting to NGOs across Ireland
February 2012
 Submission UPR Submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council 12th Session of the Working Group on the UPR
October 2011
irpbill NGO Coalition Briefing Paper on the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill 2010
July 2011
transfer Impact of the Transfer System in Direct Provision. “It was sleepless days and nights, to be honest, then the letter came a few days later” – Direct Provision and Asylum in Ireland: The transfer system and its consequences
June 2011
Submission UPR 12th session Submission for the Twelfth Session of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review: Ireland
March 2011
 IWG Progrss Report 2011 Integrating Limerick 2010 Progress Report
March 2011
politicians How Irish Politicians Construct Transnational Migrants
November 2010
icerd Ireland and the ICERD: Migrants in the Midwest and Their Experiences of Racism. Doras Luimní’s Submission to the NAAR Shadow Report
July 2010
iwg Integrating Limerick: Limerick City and County Integration Plan 2010-2012
March 2010
 Enabling Violence against women Enabling Violence Against Women: A Critique of Irish Immigration Residency StampsFebruary 2010
labour Barriers to the Labour Market for Refugees and Persons with Leave to Remain in LimerickSeptember 2008



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