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Through our direct support work; campaigning; and integration planning, Doras Luimni changes lives, changes legislation and changes society.

Changing Lives

Without Doras Luimní’s support there is no telling where my children would be today or even if they would still be alive. During the dark days when I was so lonely and frightened and missing my home and my family, Doras Luimní was there. They were a light in the darkness for me.” Jetta, a refugee who we assisted in securing family reunification with her children

I am so relieved to know that I am safe here. I hope to go home one day and help rebuild my country. Thank you Doras Luimní!” Ashraf, a refugee who we supported through the asylum application process.

Changing legislation

“ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services is pleased to collaborate with Doras Luimní on a number of issues related to the rights of migrants, particularly in relation to women experiencing domestic abuse. We also fully support the anti-trafficking outreach work of Doras and have worked with them to lobby for changes to legislation on prostitution. Together we strive for equality and justice for all, regardless of gender or nationality.” ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services 

“From our very positive collaborative policy and frontline working we recognise Doras Luimní’s dedication to supporting some of the most marginalised and vulnerable migrants in Ireland. Of particular note is their work on behalf of those affected by prostitution and sex trafficking. Doras Luimní demonstrates great commitment to supporting migrants in Limerick who face multiple challenges and hardships.” Sarah Benson, CEO Ruhama

Doras Luimní’s commitment to making a real difference in people’s lives is evident in all of their work. The IRC is delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Doras Luimni on the issue of Direct Provision. Their Invisible Children exhibition has shone a light on the realities of living conditions in Direct Provision.” Sharon Waters, Communications & Public Affairs Officer, Irish Refugee Council

Changing society

“Doras Luimní is a very valuable resource for the Polish community. They are very helpful, professional, always doing an extra mile if possible. Thank you very Doras for your on-going support.” Justyna Cwojdzinska, Director, ELI English Language Institute and Polish Art Festival

“I believe the work which Doras Luimní is doing to promote inclusiveness is extremely valuable. I greatly admire the way in which they approach the ask of assisting new Limerick people to adapt and deal with the challenges presented to them. They do so with respect for their dignity and great compassion for their difficulties. As a journalist, I have always found Doras staff a joy to deal with. They are knowledgeable, intelligent and articulate and well able to deal with questions and explain issues. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the organisation.” Bernie English, Journalist, the Limerick Leader  

“I have worked with Doras Luimní for many years. The work Doras does is so incredibly valuable. Not only are Doras fighting for the rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, but Doras has helped them to integrate with and become an essential part of the community in Limerick. Doras’s embracing welcome is empowering not only to those they seek to help, giving them a sense of purpose, but also to those like myself who get involved with the organisation. Every year I Love Limerick has filmed Doras Luimní as they march proudly in the St. Patrick’s Day parade and it has been a magical experience and a privilege to be involved, they are a true representation of modern Ireland.” Richard Lynch, Founder of and Doras Luimní Ambassador

“Doras Luimní has provided a huge welcome and response to the immigrant community in Limerick City and County. The commitment, support and warmth of Doras’ staff is evident in the bridges it has built within the entire city, and with national organisations, bringing expertise and experience from every corner to its client base. Doras Luimní has also proved to be an organisation of learning, ever responding in creative ways to the changing nature of life for new communities in Ireland.” Kathy O’Connor, South-West Regional Officer, The Integration Centre

“Doras Luimní offers a very valuable and much needed and appreciated source of information and guidance. The level of advice provided and the excellence and professionalism of the organisation is of a very high standard indeed. Doras Luimní provides an excellent service in Limerick and Rooney Auctioneers (Limerick) Ltd are proud to be associated with the organisation and look forward to continuing working with them.” Lisa Kearney, Rooney Auctioneers Limerick

“The growth of Doras Luimní over the years is, in itself, a testament not only to the hard work and dedication of its staff and volunteers but also to the very great need for this type of service in Limerick. From its humble beginnings, to what is now a well-oiled and highly effective organisation, Doras has kept its eye on the prize while moving with the times, growing and adapting to the ever changing needs of Limerick’s migrant population. As a filmmaker, I am always interested in people and their stories. Being a part of Doras, I have been privy to the stories of many who, without it, would have a very different tale to tell. The passion of the staff and volunteers of Doras is inspiring and with continued support they can and will keep changing lives.” Miriam Garcia Mortell, Producer and member of Doras Luimní Board of Directors


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