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City Centre Community Network

The City Centre Community Network (CCCN) brings together relevant service-providers in Limerick to effectively respond to the needs of the city centre community.


  1. To work with the CCCN to coordinate supports to Limerick City Centre Residents.
  2. To reach out to residents of designated areas and develop an understanding of their needs.
  3. To facilitate the target group in accessing services and supports throughout Limerick City.


  1. Coffee Morning every second Tuesday in the Community Café, Central Buildings.
  2. Door to door outreach.
  3. Linking people to the appropriate services.


The network was formed by Doras Luimní and the Redemptorists  in March 2015, following the completion of a needs assessment by Doras Luimní (available here). The needs assessment was completed in June 2014. The key findings highlighted issues such as housing, health and lack of community support services. A round table discussion attended by a broad selection of service providers in the city centre was held in November 2014, to explore service provision, housing and social inclusion of migrants and others living in Limerick city centre. There was a consensus that this population faced a significant number of barriers accessing services, including a lack of coordinated approach and information relating to existing services in the city centre. The City Centre Community Network (CCCN) was formed in March 2015 and continue to meet on a regular basis to exchange information, identify gaps in service provision and develop a coordinated response to needs. From June 2016, a community support worker has been working with the CCCN to coordinate the network and to reach out to residents of the city centre, providing information and referral to relevant service providers in the city.

For further information on the work of the CCCN, please contact Raymond at or call 061310328.


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