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Intercultural Cities: Limerick

Limerick formally signed the Intercultural Cities agreement on 19th November 2014, in advance of the conference “Sports, Arts and Culture in the Intercultural City”, which was held in Limerick on 20th &21st November.

Doras Luimní initiated Limerick’s participation in the Intercultural Cities network in 2012, which is a programme funded by the European Council and European Commission.

The Intercultural Cities initiative aims at stimulating new ideas and practices concerning the integration of migrants and minorities.  Doras Luimní are working closely with other cities around the world to promote a greater awareness of the positive role diversity can play in the development of a city. More about the programme can be found at

New Anti-Rumours website

antirumours logoThe Anti-Rumours project team have launched a website for the campaign, which includes information on the project in Limerick and across Europe. Research carried out by the Limerick anti-rumours project team is available to read online, as well as access to other useful resources that will help you to challenge the most widespread myths and misconceptions about migration.

See for details and contact us at for more information.

Report provides evidence of Racism and Discrimination

As many as 80% of those who experienced racism or discrimination do not report it. This is one of the findings of a study carried out by UCD-based researcher Dr Patricia Kennedy, published in a report entitled ‘Treated Differently? Evidence of racism and discrimination and racism from a local perspective’. It shows that racism and discrimination are happening in Limerick but victims and witnesses are reluctant to turn to the authorities for assistance. While this particular study documents local manifestations of racism and discrimination, the issues are of global, national and regional significance.

Doras Integration Policy Officer Dr. Matt Cannon described the report as “drawing positive proactive attention to areas where integration is not working at the moment so that we can develop an understanding on which to build change”. He highlighted the recommendations put forward in the report to address the policy and leadership vacuum and inadequate legislative framework.

The findings and recommendations were discussed at a seminar on October 23rd chaired by Anastasia Crickley from NUI Maynooth, which examined the issues relating to racism, reporting and developing responses. The panel included contributions from Shane O’Curry the Director of ENAR Ireland, Dr. Matt Cannon, Integration Policy Officer with Doras Luimní, Garda Racial and Intercultural Officer Sgt Dave McInerney and Community Policing Co-ordinator Sgt. Denis Kennedy.

The full report can be downloaded here.

React Against Racism

image001Racism is a widespread and serious in Ireland. We strongly encourage anyone affected by any form of racism or discrimination to make a formal complaint to the Gardaí. We offering advice, information and support on reporting or responding to racism. If you have experienced or witnessed racism or discrimination, you can:

  • Report the incident at any Garda Station
  • Talk to us at Doras Luimní – we can provide you with information about your rights and the options for formal reporting
  • Report racism online – you can fill out an online Racist Incident Reporting Form.

We offer an accompaniment service for formal reporting if you wish to report to the Gardaí. Speak to us in confidence by phoning 061 310328 or by email us at  for advice and support about what to do next.

We also provide training on how to address racism and we offer assistance in developing positive structures and strategies that promote equality and non-discrimination. For more information on training or policy development contact Integration Policy Officer Matt Cannon at or on 061 310 328. Click on the links to download our React Against Racism poster and postcard here.