antirumours logoThe anti-rumours campaign aims to dispel the widespread myths and misconceptions around the topic of immigration and migrant integration, by providing evidence-based answers and utilising social networks to spread the message of the campaign far and wide.

As part of the campaign, Doras Luimní provided free training to a team of anti-rumours advocates who were given the necessary tools to carry out their own projects and workshops which challenge the most common myths. Since June 2014, over 1,000 people have participated in our workshops across Limerick and Ireland.

Top 5 Myths of Migration

5 myhts
A short information booklet detailing the top 5 myths of migration and outlining key statistics to help you challenge these rumours. Topics include the economy; social welfare; asylum seekers; integration and the infamous “free buggies”.

Download: 5 Myths of Migration_Booklet

For information on each of the top 5 myths of migration, see here:

Training Resource Pack

anti rumours training pack

The Training Resource Pack was designed to assist community and youth workers with an interest in addressing anti-racism issues with their groups. The training resource is a useful compilation of activities and worksheets for ages 12+ and includes topics such as stereotyping, power, and refugee protection.

Download: Training Resource Pack


Video: Free Buggies

Watch: Anti-Rumours Free Buggies (YouTube)


Map of CoE network (2)The anti-rumours campaign is being implemented by Doras Luimní as part of the C4i (Communication for Integration) project and the Intercultural Cities programme for Limerick. The anti-rumours campaign is the first targeted action for Limerick under the Intercultural Cities programme and which enables Limerick to work in partnership with 10 other European cities throughout the duration of the project.

You can read more about the anti-rumours campaign here:
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Read about the Intercultural Cities network and the C4i project here: