About Us

107Doras Luimní was founded in the year 2000 in response to the establishment of the ‘Direct Provision’ system by the Irish government, which “dispersed” asylum seekers to accommodation centres around the country, including Limerick.

The word ‘Doras’ is an Irish term for ‘door’ – it represents an open door welcoming new communities. We have grown rapidly over the years and now employ a team of full-time and part-time staff members.

In early 2015, Doras opened a second office in Portlaoise to implement a refugee resettlement project, assisting newly arrived Syrian refugees. Our Portlaoise office staff worked to ensure the full and effective integration of the Syrian families in to community life in Portlaoise. Though this project concluded in mid 2016, Doras continue to have a volunteer presence in Portlaoise ensuring ongoing support to the families beyond the  project cycle.

Our Impact in 2016

To learn more about the people we worked with and the issues we worked on throughout 2016, download our summary report: Our impact in 2016

Our vision is a society where equality and respect for the human rights of all migrants are realised.

Our mission is to achieve this vision through personal and collaborative advocacy; the law; intercultural dialogue; support, inclusion and empowerment; working at the local, national and international levels.

We are very grateful for the financial support from Atlantic Philanthropies; Sisters of Mercy; Redemptorists; Health Service Executive; Community Foundation for Ireland; and the Dormant Account Funds.