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Housing & social welfare support

housing assistance

Our dedicated housing and social welfare support service assists people who have recently received status and are preparing to leave Direct Provision.

We provide assistance in finding suitable accommodation, accessing your social welfare entitlements and any other support you might need in making the transition from Direct Provision.

Please contact Clare at Doras Luimní for more information and to make an appointment by emailing or call 0613102328.


Refugee Crisis – How to help

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We have received so many calls from the general public who are looking to help support the refugee crisis relief efforts. There are many ways in which people can help, with several local and national community-driven initiatives emerging in recent weeks.

Below are a list of suggested actions with emphasis on Limerick and Portlaoise to date. We will try to update as new events emerge.

Download:  How to Help_Limerick     Download: How to Help_Portlaoise 

How to Help

1. Fund the relief efforts

Humanitarian agencies working on the ground are in need of financial resources to help fund their important work.

  • UNICEF are seeking financial donations for children affected by the refugee crisis: UNICEF Children Refugee Crisis
  • Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) are providing front-line humanitarian relief to refugees  are urgently require financial assistance to continue their work: MSF Refugee Crisis

2. Lobbying

Contact your local TD asking them to advocate for Ireland to take more refugees immediately. Public support is increasing and the Government must act quickly and effectively, reflecting the public’s wishes. You can find contact details for your local TD here: Who is my TD?

Template letter download: Letter to TD – Refugee Crisis

3. Donations needed

The Limerick to Calais group have been accepting and coordinating donations to be brought to Calais on 30th September.
Update: The donations depot has now closed! Please keep an eye on the group’s activities and updates, details of which can be found here: Limerick to Calais Facebook page

4. Volunteering

Consider volunteering with a local organisation, such as Doras Luimní, helping to welcome and support refugees in your area.

In Portlaoise, there are a number of new initiatives currently being explored and established, including English tutoring; befriending and job skills workshops. See here for details of how you can help locally in Portlaoise: Volunteers needed_Portlaoise

Contact Hannah Culkin, Doras Luimní, for more information: Email Hannah

5. Day of Action in solidarity with refugees

Events have taken place nationwide, expressing solidarity with refugees. Previous events include Saturday 5th September Day of Action, further details can be found here: Limerick Day of Action Facebook event page

The EU Day of Action took place on 12th September, with events happening all over the continent.

Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on events taking place in Limerick, Portlaoise and nationwide.

6. Table Quiz in aid of Médecins Sans Frontières

This fundraising event will take place in Dolans Pub on the Dock Road, Limerick, on 30th September. Further details can be found here: Table Quiz Facebook event page

7.  Offer accommodation or services

Following the Uplift campaign to pledge a bed for refugees, the Irish Red Cross are now coordinating public offers of accommodation and services.

To register your offer of accommodation or services to refugees, please see Irish Red Cross.

For more details on the Uplift campaign, see here: Uplift – Pledge a bed

8. Support the work of Doras Luimní

If you would like to support our work of supporting asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Ireland, please ocnsider donating to help us continue delivering our services.

You can make a donation online by clicking the donate button below:


For more fundraising ideas, see here: Make Change Happen

9. Support the campaign to end Direct Provision

Local campaign group – End Direct Provision Limerick – aim to raise awareness of the inhumane conditions in which asylum seekers live in Ireland and to bring about change to the policies that force them to live in isolation and poverty. See here for details: End DP Limerick Facebook page

For further information about any of the above actions or if you would like assistance with organising your own event, please contact Aideen at or at 061310328.

Reporting Racism

ireport logoDoras Luimní is a member of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) Ireland. As part of this network, we assist people who have witnessed or experienced racism to report the incident using this online third party mechanism:

If you have witnessed or experienced a racist incident, you can report it to the Gardai at your local garda station; you can contact Doras Luimní for assistance and support and you can also report the incident online at

By reporting the incident online, you will help us to understand how often racist incidents occur; who is experiencing racism and who are the perpetrators.  We can use this information to advocate for policy reform and the development of effective local strategies.

People bear witness to incidences of racism everyday. If you have experienced, witnessed or heard about a racist incident in Ireland – please report it.

For further information about reporting racism or if you would like to speak with a case worker about the incident you witnessed or experienced, please contact Doras Luimní at Tel: 061310328 or by email:

Survey: Migrant Workers and Trade Union Membership

takesurveyThe purpose of this survey is to establish trade union membership uptake for migrant workers in low paid jobs. The findings will help Doras Luimní to understand if and how Trade Unions support migrant workers.

  • Any information given is confidential and will not be passed to a third party. Participation is voluntary.

Direct link to online survey: Click here


Thank you for participating!